Our Story

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Food Ruckers Missions

Our Mission is to provide our customers beyond their expectation, Fresh, Nutritional & Healthy Food in New Style with a Smiling & Friendlier Service. We need our customers to enjoy not only the Food provided under the Brand Name Food Ruckers but to carry back beautiful memories in enjoying every moment that they spent with us. Our over 26 years’ experience and the reputation earned with dedicated service in the Food & Hospitality industry will assure the Best in Town and provide beyond your expectation.

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The Food Carefully Sourced

Fruit and vegetables used are sourced in partnership with our suppliers from growers that have implemented sustainable & best farming practices. Our finest meat products sourced from Clover Valley meat Company who are famous for high quality meat in Victoria and fresh sea food is from Victoria. The food that we serve is prepared under the direct supervision of World Class expertize in the industry using the best ingredients and maintaining the traditional practices, preserving the nutritional values.